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Executive Brief on Uploads to GSA Advantage and MyFederalShopper.com

The GSA Advantage system was created with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) architecture. Click here to learn more about EDI. When contemplating uploading your product catalog and reference text files to the GSA Advantage system you have two options.  You can use the GSA Schedule Input Program (SIP) or you can use EDI. We tried working with the SIP program when GSA introduced it, but opted instead for EDI. I made the investment so you do not have to.

This page and Step 2 below, "How To FBBS" tell you how to work with us to upload your GSA Schedule Contract product/service catalog to the GSA and FBBS systems.  We also can upload your GSA pricing to other electronic websites, like EMALL, if you desire.

All data and GSA pricing provided for upload MUST be approved by GSA prior to upload. You are not allowed (by GSA) to change: part numbers, add or delete items, change prices or make any other changes to your awarded pricing, other than those changes officially approved by GSA through the contract modification process.

As mentioned, in addition to posting your catalog on the GSA Advantage system, all uploads  are also posted on www.MyFederalShopper.com, at no extra charge. MyFederalShopper is the FBBS scaled version of GSA Advantage. The main differences between the two systems is the size of the system and the lack of comparison shopping on MyFederalShopper. Potential buyers only see your product/service.  MyFederalShopper also includes Open Market pricing for items you would like to sell to the government, but are not on your GSA schedule. 

Another big difference in the systems is the time it takes for uploads to post. For GSA Advantage, an upload can take weeks, even months, to clear though the GSA CORS (Contracting Officer Review System) and post/appear on GSA Advantage. Uploads to MyFederalShopper are instantaneous. The other big difference between the two system is GSA Advantage is a government run organization and MyFederalShopper is commercially-owned and operated. Check out our "Shopper," we are having a records year in sales this year.

Reference Text Files

If you need to upload services to the GSA Advantage system, we accomplish this buy using a Reference Text File, in addition to your contract (catalog) data. A text file is an htm file with links to your GSA pricing, your home page, and brief information about your company and federal activity. We encourage all contractors to upload a text file in addition to their product catalog, regardless of whether they offer only services; or products, services and training. In most GSA schedule Groups, GSA is now requiring the upload of a text file in addition to your product catalog.  We only charge $150 to create and upload text files.  Here are some Samples of our text files.

Users of Internet Explorer may encounter a logon window when downloading files. If encountered, click cancel and the file will download. A Username and Password are not required to download.

To sign up now and get started with EDI XPRESS

Follow the steps below and email us your contract and GSA pricing data. Product and Services contract data/pricing are uploaded separately. For services, we use a text file to display your prices. The cost of the service is related to the size of your upload, if you include photos, and whether you migrate your data into our format, or we do it for you. 

Start with Step 1.  

  • Step 1. The Agreement - Download and complete the "FBBS One-Time Upload Agreement" (MS Word)  Click here.  (Tip: download and open both documents in Steps 1 and 3 at the same time, as duplicate information is needed. Upload Pricing is outlined in the agreement.
  • Step 2. Learn how to work with us - Download the "How to FBBS" document, learn about the FBBS process and determine the level of service you need. (MS Word) Click here.
  • Step 3. Products - Provide your contract and pricing data in our excel format -  
  • a. Download and complete the "Client_Data_Template.xls" document. (MS Excel). 
  • b. Complete both the "Company Info" tab and 
  • c. the "Product Pricing" tab/worksheet included in this template. Use the d. "Quantity Pricing" tab to provide data on your quantity pricing, if applicable.  Click here to download our product template.
  • Step 3. Services - Provide your contract and service pricing data.  
  • a. Download our data template,  Click here to download our services template and 
  • b. complete only the "Company Info" tab. 
  • c. Via email, send us your Authorized Government Pricelist including your service and labor category pricing in Ms Word or Excel.  
  • d. Email us your "GSA Customer Information," if applicable.
  • Step 4. Email us the Agreement and Template  - After reading #2 above, (How to FBBS), determine the level of service you need, (Option A or B) complete as much as you can of our agreement, #1 above (The FBBS One-Time Upload Agreement) and the data template and email to us at TSbridge@FBBS-GSA.com.  We will review your files and call you back, verify your price quote and sign and fax the agreement back to you for your files.  Before we do you upload, please USPS mail your check to:
FBBS.FediVAS International
4949 St. Elmo Ave., Suite 221
Bethesda, MD 20814-2210
  • Once we receive your files, we will be able to tell if your data does or does not conform with our FBBS Template format or if there is missing data. We will contact you and adjust our agreement/fee as needed. If there is considerable back and forth communications about your files, chances are good you will incur extra fees based on the amount of time we put in on your account.

After the Upload - Monitoring and Reporting

When your upload is completed, we email an "FBBS Alert Message" to inform you and your Contracting Officer/Specialist (CO/CS) of the activity and encourage your GSA rep to either accept or reject the files. We stay on top of them to ensure they do their job and either accept or reject our uploads.

Your uploaded files have to pass two "tests," before GSA will post them on their system. The first test is the Vendor Support Center (VSC) validation process. This test involves making sure the EDI contract data is correct and  in the correct format to work with their system. The second test comes after your files pass the VSC validation and they are sent to GSA's Contracting Officer Review System (CORS) for review, acceptance and /or rejection.

If the data you provide to us is not the same as what GSA has in their files, your upload will be rejected. Minor details can result in a file  rejection like: 1) the wrong name of the GSA contract administrator, 2) the wrong SIN number (s), 3) wrong address, 4) wrong prices, etc.

We make correction uploads for $100, when the fix (es) are minor.

If any of the above is unclear to you, please call us on 301 652-7410 or email me at TSbridge@FBBS-GSA.com.

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